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I live and work in Alingsås, Sweden. My art is about "Life, as it appears". 

The world around us often seems chaotic. The impressions rain down on us, visually and verbally. An umbrella or other protection isnít provided. One way to explore and learn about the outside world can be to write down or depict some of what we encounter. Information is not always to be trusted. "Don't be won over, look for yourself!" as Berthold Brecht wrote in the poem In Praise of Learning.  

What affects us the most doesnít have to be the big events of the world. It can, just as easily, be a small sign, a human being we see passing by or a structure we don't recognize. An artist can be the one who wants to stir the apparent order to clarify underlying structures.

We are in the midst of all that is constantly going on. We contribute to chaos and that's where creativity is born.