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Leif Robertsson lives in Alingsås, Sweden. He has been an artist for over 30 years. He works in his studio and workshop utilizing cameras, Mac computer with Photoshop and an Epson A3+ printer. He paints in acrylik. In his workshop he creates three-dimensional works, mainly in wood and metal. Using recycled material when possible. 

He is currently making graphic prints in small editions, painting and, to a lesser extent sculpture. 

The theme in his art is people on their way. They are usually walking into the picture, which emphasizes that "they are going somewhere away from the viewer". The prints and paints depict anything from an easy walk to an escape or migration.

He uses his own photos as a basis for his pictures. He combines and processes, cuts and pastes in Photoshop. A picture often consists of eight to ten layers from different photos. The prints are made with UltraChrome HD pigment ink on watercolor paper. This ensures permanent prints. About Giclée fine art printing (in Swedish)

His latest sculptural objects have the same theme as a starting point; people interacting while migrating in groups or alone.