I live and work in Alingsås, Sweden. I have been an artist for over 30 years. "Life, as it appears", are leading words in my art.

We are constantly surrounded by impressions that we meet in an endless quantity, not the least in terms of images. Our visual library is infinite. There are no perspectives, no horizons or ups and downs for us to stick to. We tumble around in a centrifuge of impressions.

We exist in the empty gaps in between all these impressions. From my view in the gaps I try to capture some of the impressions forming our surroundings. Sometimes it can be stimulating. On other occasions perhaps annoying, but always inspiring.

A work of art, be it image, music or theatre and film, must have a viewer/listener to be complete. In a series of small paintings, I have inserted a "face" from my sketch book. The “face" represents you and me as recipients or viewers of the image. Also, of course, the one who lives in the gaps of ever-ongoing "life, as it appears".